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“My goal in life is to serve God, help others, and see them transformed,” orthopedic surgeon Jean-Claude Theis shares with us. It is this passion that has guided Jean-Claude throughout his life, eventually leading him here to the CURE Children’s Hospital of Malawi.

But let’s rewind a bit to high school, Jean-Claude hadn’t even thought of becoming a medical doctor. The initial idea of pursuing medicine was planted in his mind by a classmate of his, and his desire grew bigger and bigger until Jean-Claude decided to study medicine. Ultimately, he left his home country of Luxembourg and began his medical studies in France.

Soon after graduating from medical school, Dr. Jean-Claude decided to take his first trip to Africa and worked in Rwanda. In Rwanda, Dr. Jean-Claude split his time between several mission hospitals scattered around the country. He also had the chance to lecture at one of the country’s Medical Schools. Little did Dr. Jean-Claude know that this one trip was the start of what would be a recurring theme throughout his life and God’s plan for him.

After returning from Rwanda, Dr. Jean-Claude began specialized orthopedic training in Liverpool, England. Upon completion, Dr. Jean-Claude moved to New Zealand. It is here that he met his wife and got a job at the Dunedin Hospital, where he worked for 30 years and eventually becoming a professor teaching future doctors.

After all these years, the call of Africa never left Dr. Jean-Claude. He eventually returned, but this time to Togo, where he was the only surgeon in the entire hospital! It was hectic, non-stop work, but Dr. Jean-Claude recalls his year there fondly.

Dr. Jean-Claude returned to teaching after his time in Togo, but his time there had reignited a passion that had started all those years ago in Rwanda. Three years passed at the University, and the call of the African continent was still on his mind. One day, he was doing research when he came across a CURE advertisement recruiting surgeons. Dr. Jean-Claude knew that he had to apply. It was a clear call for Dr. Jean-Claude to come and join CURE!

“I ended up choosing Malawi because the job description matched my skills perfectly. I also knew Malawi was a beautiful small country and that people were very welcoming,” said Dr. Jean-Claude. So far, Dr. Jean-Claude said his experience at CURE Malawi has been very good. He loves the atmosphere of working with a group of outstanding people who share the same vision of healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.

“Beit CURE Hospital (CURE Malawi) is a well-run small hospital providing quality orthopedic care and a shining light to Malawi and Africa as a whole. I am honored to be part of this mission,” Dr. Jean-Claude says. He believes that by working for CURE Malawi, he can serve the Lord and grow closer to Him. Dr. Jean Claude’s other aim is to share the knowledge he has accumulated over his many years as an orthopedic surgeon with the local doctors and trainees for the benefit of Malawian children and adults suffering from treatable disabilities and orthopedic conditions.

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CURE Malawi’s mission is to provide every child living with a treatable disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.

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