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Change lives with CURE Malawi.

We’re on a mission to reach and heal more children living with treatable conditions. Join us!

Be part of the healing journey.

A talented team of doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, and ministry leaders – just to name a few – help provide life-changing surgeries and compassionate care to more than 2000 children living with disabilities each year. Explore our job openings below and learn how you can be part of helping kids heal.

Assistant Spiritual Director

Position Overview

Under the Overall Supervision of Spiritual Director the Assistant Spiritual Director the position requires a  born again Christian passionate about the mission of CURE Children Hospital. 


  • Leading by example and maintaining a high standard of professionalism and impartiality; through adherence to the BCIHM values and consistently behave in an honest and ethical manner;
  • In consultation with the Spiritual Director, coordinates Staff spiritual development which entails sitting in for staff interviews and new staff spiritual orientation;
  • Coordinating staff discipleship activities like devotions, chapel, spiritual emphasis and counselling;
  • Representing the department in the HOD meetings, and Spiritual Director (where necessary) and share the feedback to the department members;
  • Coordinating recruitment, engagement, mentorship and evaluation of EBCoM students, Internship, pastor students or any other ministry partner within the hospital ministries;
  • Coordinating capacity building within the directorate i.e.Continuous Education activities, development of Christian educational materials;
  • Facilitating departmental data collection and monthly report writing for presentation to the Spiritual Director;
  • Working as a member of the multi-disciplinary team offering Spiritual and Pastoral Care to patients, their families, staff and volunteers of the Hospital;
  • Documenting departmental minutes, availing them follow-up unto implementation; and,
  • Managing and maintaining the spiritual department activity schedules, following up on the repair and purchase of the materials needed.


  • Facilitating the implementation of good ministry standards requirements and Strategic plan;
  • Managing the Pastoral Care Service in the Hospital by providing appropriate spiritual and pastoral care for patients, their families and friends, staff and volunteers, regardless of faith or life stance;
  • Acting as a specialist resource within the Hospital in relation to religious, theological, spiritual, pastoral, ethical and bereavement issues and coordinate the Spiritual Centre Committee meetings;
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support to patients, their families and Hospital staff within the established standards of the Department;
  • Representing a continuing respect for the full dimensions of healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social) and for the dignity of the human person; through active service to the patients and their families in the midst of illness, suffering and loss; As an integral part of the Spiritual team, participating in ward ministry, mobile clinics and or outreach programs; working with the spiritual center staff to achieve the set goals and objectives; and participate in any other duty assigned by the Spiritual Centre administration;
  • Conducting Spiritual Centre meetings of authorized chaplaincies intended to improve communication among Spiritual Centre volunteers/ stakeholders; and following through on decisions to ensure the provision of prompt, efficient and responsive client service personally and through the activities of the business unit to ensure the corporate good.


  • Identifying appropriate communication, and coordination to ensure smooth processes within the play room;
  • Providing a mechanism to monitor and enforce regulatory mandates and compliance of the physiotherapy procedures; 
  • Liaising and coordinating orthopedic services support in conjunction with medical services as appropriate;
  • Generating and interpreting reports for the Directorate and Parents/Guardians;
  • Participating in department problem solving and improvement of playroom activities; and,
  • Ensuring staff compliance with hospital policies and adherence to professional standards for orthopedic care;


  • Consulting, and promoting open discussion; facilitating reciprocal sharing of information with key stakeholders internally and externally;
  • Promoting effective communication skills when interacting with patients, guardians and other health professionals;
  • Promoting partnership development through assisting in organizing for the relevant trainings and evaluation of partners’ activities;
  • Building positive relationships with external and internal stakeholders to enhance the delivery of spiritual services;
  • Managing and communicating changing situations that may affect workload;


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theological/Biblical Studies
  • Over 3 yrs. of experience, those with hospital related ministry in areas of evangelism, discipleship, counseling, and biblical teaching will have an added advantage.
  • Computer literate with experience using Microsoft word, excel and power-point. 


  • Ability to work with people of different faiths, or at different places. 
  • Good in communication skills and Customer care attitude
  • Ability to counsel both children and caregivers and provide further spiritual support
  • Can speak/ Write English and local languages fluently

Interested individuals are requested to submit applications as soon as possible. Application for this position will be reviewed on rolling basis as such we will close this advert when we are in receipt of sufficient applicants. 

Beit-CURE Children's Hospital Malawi (BCHM) is a Christian mission hospital that provides free orthopedic as well as plastic and reconstructive surgeries for children with correctable physical disabilities in Malawi. The integral mission for BCHM is “Healing the sick and proclaiming the Kingdom of God


Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon - Malawi

CURE International Children’s Hospital of Malawi has an exciting opportunity for a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. CURE is a faith-based non-profit organization operating a network of eight children’s hospitals throughout Africa and the Philippines. We provide world-class surgical care and intentional spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities, all of which is free of charge to the patients and their families. 

At each hospital, the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon is responsible for teaching and training on the principles and techniques of orthopedic surgical care to other physicians who may be training at the hospital; overseeing the practice of surgery by these physicians; and continuing to facilitate improvement in the quality of care, education, and administration of the orthopedic surgery department. If you are interested in using your gifts to bring hope and healing to children living with disabilities, contact us today to learn more!


  • Assess patients with musculoskeletal disability, taking and recording a salient history, examination and formulating an appropriate management plan including relevant investigations and surgical or non-operative management.
  • Treat patients and families with care and respect, adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics.
  • Obtain careful consent when surgery is necessary, clarifying to the patient (where appropriate) and family member the nature of the procedure that is advised, the risks, possible alternatives and nature of anesthesia required.
  • Create and discuss preoperative plans for each surgery with fellow faculty members.
  • Provide a high standard of surgical care, adhering to the highest standards of sterile operative technique while creating a cohesive team environment centered on safety and quality care.
  • Record each step of patient care in the Electronic Medical Record and inpatient paper charts.
  • Recognize complications that arise and respond appropriately, including discussing the event with the Medical Director and reporting it in the quarterly Morbidity and Mortality meetings.
  • Ensure a high level of patient and staff safety is upheld at all times.
  • Participate actively in the training activities of the hospital and willingly engage in quality improvement projects, audit, and research.


  1. Medical degree from a qualified, recognized medical institution.
  2. Completed an accredited residency in orthopedic surgery. Pediatric orthopedic residency required for expat hires.
  3. Current and unrestricted medical license.
  4. At least 1 year experience in a private or hospital practice.
  5. Keen interest in pediatric orthopedic surgery.
  6. Experience working in a multicultural context and environment. 


  1. Fluency with the English language required.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively and professionally across cultures and language barriers.
  3. Competency and proficiency in orthopedic procedures.
  4. Strong interest in teaching and training.
Learn more about working at CURE Malawi

CURE Malawi’s mission is to provide every child living with a disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal.

Where physical and spiritual care happens.

Your vocation is what you’re put on this earth by God to do. CURE offers unique opportunities for you to use your passion, skills, and talents for a greater purpose — helping kids heal both physically and spiritually.

CURE Values

CURE’s core values guide our approach to providing medical and spiritual care for children, serving their families, and partnering with local organizations. Demonstrating God’s love in word and deed is at the heart of all we do.


Christ-like Compassion

We respond to meet the need of children and families with kindness, mercy, and healing.


Faithfulness in Prayer

We pray to God who alone is the source of changed lives and transformed communities.


Joy in Service

We love serving children and helping them live life to its fullest.


Integrity Always

We do the right thing and keep our promises.


Intentional Relationships

We humbly collaborate with our patients, partners, and colleagues for multiplied impact.


Commitment to Excellence

We strive to deliver the highest standard of care and professionalism in our work.

What To Expect When You Apply

Step 1. Apply

Applicants submit an application form and upload a current CV (resume)

Step 2. Application Review

The hiring team will screen applications

Step 3: Initial Screening

Candidates of interest will be asked to complete additional questionnaires and submit references.

Step 4: Interviews

Positively screened applicants will be interviewed by the hiring team. If there is a possible match, candidates will be invited to the hospital for final interviews.

Step 5: Decision!

CUREkids deserve the very best care. If we think you are a good fit, we welcome you to our team!

Apply Today!

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CURE Malawi’s mission is to provide every child living with a treatable disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.

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