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Hundreds Gather to Help CURE Malawi Provide More Life-Changing Surgeries

Over 200 guests participated in Beit-CURE Children’s Hospital of Malawi’s (CURE Malawi) first-annual fundraising dinner on 4 August at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre. The dinner proceeds will support 70 extra children needing life-changing surgeries in Malawi.

The theme for this year’s fundraising event, sponsored by First Capital Bank of Malawi, was “Transforming Lives Together.” And thanks to the event, many lives will be greatly improved. The dinner surpassed its fundraising goal of 105 million Malawi Kwacha by 1 million.


First Capital Bank founder Hitesh Anakdat addresses guests during the fundraising dinner.


Changing Lives Together

Elly Chemey, CURE Malawi’s Executive Director, thanked guests for their donations, which he said will help CURE perform more than 70 surgeries. “You have supported children who would not have gone to school if they didn’t have transport to come and receive the life-transforming surgeries.”

Each surgery amounts to approximately 1.5 million Malawi Kwacha, which covers actual surgery, medication, rehabilitation, mobility devices, and food for a child and their guardian while at the hospital.


Local comedians Mlelemba provided a performance focused on encouraging parents to bring their children to CURE.


The Guest of Honour, Mr. Hitesh Anakdat, founder of First Capital Bank of Malawi, called for more support of CURE and touched on the discrimination faced by people with disabilities. “We normally notice the physical disability and challenge a child faces. However, I believe mental pain is likely even more painful for them due to stigma, discrimination, and bullying by other children” Hitesh said.

A Testimony from CURE Patient Winifore

One touching moment during the dinner was when Winifore, a former CURE patient, gave his testimony. Winifore developed an infection below his knee at a young age. His local hospital treated the visible signs of the infection without realizing it had spread to his bones. This complication caused Winifore’s leg to gradually turn inward and become permanently bowed.


Before treatment at CURE Malawi, Winifore’s leg turned inward, making walking difficult.


Thankfully, during one of our mobile clinics near his home, our doctors shared that his bowed leg was correctable. With the support of his guardian, Winifore arrived for treatment at CURE Malawi and began the long and complicated process of treatment, surgery, healing, and rehabilitation.

By God’s grace, through the tireless and dedicated work of CURE Malawi’s medical personnel, Winifore gradually healed, completed his rehabilitation, and returned home.

Winifore’s testimony was a powerful example of the life-transforming work CURE does daily in the lives of children from all over Malawi, thanks to the support of our donors.

Anakdat thanked these partners for their generosity. “Your compassion has transformed dreams into reality, enabling young hearts to soar and little feet to dance once more.”

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CURE Malawi’s mission is to provide every child living with a treatable disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.

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